The New eBay Vault Gives Card Collectors Unprecedented Trading Access

Once upon a time, you stored your trading cards in a big binder—filled with stacks of sleeves specifically designed to protect each card. You brought that binder everywhere. You carried it in your backpack. You lugged it to your friends’ houses. You hid it somewhere safe. You kept it close, always.

It wasn’t the most safe or secure approach, however. That binder was heavy. It was cumbersome. Sometimes cards fell out of it. Sometimes you lost it entirely. Sometimes it couldn’t hold your full collection.

While card collecting might feel like an ancient pastime to some, the trading cards industry is continuing to grow at a rapid rate. “eBay’s trading cards business has been growing significantly for over seven years with this surge starting even before people were rediscovering old collections and passions while staying at home,” said Bob Means, Director of Trading Cards at eBay.

“We have increasingly seen younger generations turn their trading card collections into alternate investment opportunities. For the everyday collector, we know their passion for trading cards has been a longstanding hobby and they are the reason The Hobby is still around today.”

In fact, earlier this year, a Tom Brady 2000 Contenders Rookie Championship card sold on eBay earlier this year for a record-breaking $2.3 million, and a 1948 Bowman Basketball HOF PSA 9 Mint trading card, which broke an eBay sales record for vintage cards pre-1968, sold for $800K. Point being: it’s more important than ever before to ensure the safety, security and authenticity of your collection.

That’s where the new eBay vault—a 31-thousand square foot 24/7 secure, temperature-controlled facility and digital marketplace for collectors—comes into play. Say hello to the future of collecting.  

Here’s how the eBay vault works: Simply purchase a single, graded trading card $750+ directly on eBay and opt for it to be sent to the vault. Only cards graded by the following graders will be accepted: Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA); Sportscard Guaranty Corporation (SGC); Certified Collectibles Group’s affiliates, CGC Trading Cards, Certified Sports Guaranty (CSG); and Beckett Grading Services (BGS). Authentication, insurance, affordable shipping, and a tax-free location makes the eBay vault a no-brainer for collectors and enthusiasts – providing unprecedented control and peace of mind.

Back in the binder days, there was also no way to know for sure if the card you were trading or buying was fake. But worry no more! The eBay vault is coupled with the company’s Authenticity Guarantee service for trading cards, ensuring accuracy so enthusiasts can buy and sell with total confidence. Any vault-eligible item will be closely examined by a team of experts to confirm that it’s legit and matches the listing before it is shipped out to the eBay vault. eBay has partnered with PSA to perform this mandatory check.

There will always be nostalgia for the OG card-collecting days, when storing and exchanging items digitally wasn’t even a thought. But whether you’re just getting into the game, you’re a life-long collector, or you just so happened to stumble upon that old binder while cleaning out the attic, the eBay vault is for you. It provides control and peace of mind for collectors and enthusiasts alike – knowing their valuables are secure and that they can manage their portfolios digitally. It is the intersection of physical and digital, and the future for collectors.  

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